Did you know that your home is a weigh station for all the energy that passes through it?   Sometimes the energy can get stuck or stale which may affect you and the others who live under your roof.  Keeping your home clear of negative energy is as essential as cleaning out your closets or garage.  Here is a wonderful step by step instruction for releasing the old energy and bringing in the new.

If you’ve noticed that its been feeling a little crazy around your home, it may be a good time to clear the negative vibes.   A good place to start is by clapping out the corners.  Yes, that is true.   Energy can get stuck in the corners of your home and hand clapping up and down the corners can disperse some of the blockages.  You can also use a bell or some chimes to do this.  Hanging a plant, mobile,  or chimes in the corners of your home helps the chi to continually move.   This is called rounding out the corners.   Clapping out the corners is a great way to start clearing out the energy that may have gotten stuck in your home.

To clear negative energy from your home, you will need the following items, but some people prefer to just use sage.  Burning sage in your home is called smudging and not only releases stuck energy, but blesses the space.  White sage can be found at the  Valencia Wellness Center on Lyons Avenue or any other New Age type of store.  You can also get it online, on a trip to Venice Beach or in Ventura.   Smudging can be done in for your home, campsite, sacred space, or anywhere else your heart desires.   To add  another layer for clearing the negative energy requires the following items, all of which are easily found in your home.  They are:

White sage
Salt (Kosher or Sea Salt is preferred, but any salt is fine)
Spray bottle
Calm music (optional)

The entire process does not take long to do, and you will feel the effects immediately.

1.  Put on your calm music and  start off by saying a prayer or blessing for your home, thanking it for keeping you safe and secure. Ask that all the negative energy be replaced by positivity and love.   It is essential that when something is released, it be replaced, so whenever you use the words “release” remember to follow with “replace.”   If you do not replace, anything can drop into the released area, so being specific is helpful.

2. Fill your spray bottle with water and some salt.  The water can be spring water or purified water or water that has been put in the sun for a few hours and blessed.  A blessing does not have to come from a holy person though some people like to use holy water for the process.  Even if you use regular water, and say a prayer over it, it will be just fine.  Make this easy on yourself.  Intention is 99% of the rule.

3. Spray your water and salt solution around your home going clockwise from your front door.  This will begin to disperse the negative energy.

4.  After the spraying is done, get your sage bundle.  If it is a smudge stick which means the sage is bundled together and held by string or thread, you can light the end, and blow it out so it smokes just like an incense stick.  If your sage is loose, you can put some of the dried leaves in a shell or clay dish and hold it that way.   Walk around your house allowing the sage to smoke.  Start at the front door and go clockwise just like you did with the spray bottle.   Some people just use the sage and forgo the music and the spray bottle. That is fine, too.

5.  While saging your home it is essential to release and replace as mentioned above.   Saying things like “I release the negative energy that no longer serves us and replace it with joy, abundance, good health, happiness and love ” makes for a beautiful ceremony.  Allow the words to come to you.  Make sure to smudge all rooms including bathrooms, closets, and garages.  When the smoke is thick, you will know that that is an area that needs more attention.  Finish by the front door.

6. After the smudging, you can get your spray bottle once again and spray.  This creates negative ions which is the same thing that happens when you go to the ocean.  You feel renewed and recharged.

7.  If you like, you can say another blessing for your home to be safe and secure, and feel the joy immediately.

8. Because all the negativity has been replaced with positive energy, it is often suggested to change your clothes and take a shower.  This cleanses you as well.

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Harriette Knight is a Master Healer, Psychic-Medium, Author of CHAKRA POWER! How to Fire Up Your Energy Centers to Live a Fuller Life, and Host of Harriette Knight’s Psychic & Healing Hour on Blog Talk Radio.  HOW TO FIRE UP YOUR CHAKRAS, an online course by Harriette Knight is now available through www.DailyOm.com.  For life changing healing sessions, healing jewelry, and more, please visit www. HarrietteKnight.com or call 661-254-4747.

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