Ever get restless or anxious, thinking something big is happening and you are being left behind…out of the loop?

The time to take advantage of the tax incentive is now. The extension and an additional extension for current homeowners clock is ticking. The deadline date to be in a signed agreed purchase contract is April 30th… Closed by June 30th.

As consumers, we have become very good at negotiating contracts of all sorts.  We ask the credit card companies for rate reductions and we navigate through the purchase of car contracts. The average guy or gal on the street may be kicking themselves later if they miss out on some big savings from the tax incentives.  Unless lots of blog posts, newspaper and magazine articles surface, there are bits and pieces of the legislation they may not understand. Everyone has a different set of life dynamics and they may not know how the program applies to their best advantage. It’s like a new car put on the track at NASCAR. She’s hot, exciting looking, mean sounding on the surface, but there was not enough time to roll out the research and development team to shake out the bugs, smooth out the wrinkles to become the best car possible.

 The FHA, VA, Conventional and CalSTRS programs get refined, field tested, put through their paces. It’s no secret what they are all about.  The inventory here in Santa Clarita and around California is continuing to grow they have relaxed the flipping rules for investors so homes that did not qualify for a FHA loan now do.

 To find out more about the tax incentive or to see if you qualify, or if you have comments or questions call me. 

 As a mortgage banker, I bring many years of financing experience including prior real estate sales to my position. A skilled negotiator with a proven track record of service and loyalty to my clients, I have and continue to help people with their dream of becoming a home owner. I offer my clients a wealth of experience from purchasing to refinancing, home equity lines of credit, including construction and commercial mortgage financing. I understand that every financial situation is unique and that quality information and timely communication are the key to my clients’ high level of satisfaction. If you have any needs give me a call @ 661-755-4883 

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