Change happens. It can be painful and difficult.

Each one of us has experienced some form of loss. From the time we are thrust from the womb, we pass through a cycle of birth and death that continues until we take our final breaths. Life is just that – beginnings and endings, births and deaths, starts and stops – change. It’s not change itself that’s most significant. How we respond to that change defines our quality of life. 

Change is unavoidable.

It’s a part of life. As we grow we develop character and learn perseverance through change. Are you in the middle of a painful life change? This is the first in a four part series illustrating a few guidelines for moving gently through change. You may or may not believe it now, but in moving through challenging life changes in healthy ways, you’ll actually benefit from the experience. 

Guideline #1 Compassion

Have compassion for yourself. Avoid berating yourself for decisions or choices that led to the change/loss. Guilt: Don’t Go There! Guilt is a form of self-punishment and is not only unnecessary, but also counterproductive to your wellness.  Practice self forgiveness instead. It doesn’t matter whose fault it was. Let it go.   

The past is behind you. No amount of rehashing the issue, whether it was in your control or not, will change what is. Trust that time will bring healing. Be kind to yourself. Allow yourself plenty of rest, and eat well. 

Next month, I’ll discuss how delegating and relieving yourself of some responsibility will help lighten your load.  Please Click on the link below and visit page two for my column, Success Made Simple. Please be welcomed to send a private message to me on Facebook.

Judith Cassis, C.Ht. is a freelance writer and success coach. Having worked in the field of personal development since 1983, Judith writes articles, produces seminars and tele-seminars on this topic. She is the author of many articles, as well as a book series andaction guide titled:
When Life Knocks You Down – Get Up!.



Judith holds a position on the board of directors as 2ndVice President and director of membership of The Castaic Chamber of Commerce. Since 2000, Judith has lead groups and taught creative writing at the SCV Senior Center. Five class members have self published books. Since 2003, Judith has been a member of the Advisory Council for AM1220 KHTS RADIO, and has guested on several shows to discuss personal development, hypnosis, and senior issues.

In 2002, Judith was nominated for an award by Zonta of Santa Clarita Valley for contributing to Advancing The Status of Women. She co-founded the SCV Business Group, at the time one of the largest networking groups in the country. In 2006, she founded SCV Professional Network, a networking group with an emphasis on professional education.

Judith lives in Valencia, California with her family. Together they publish Tidbits of Santa Clarita Valley, a non-political weekly paper focusing on positive editorial and current events.

Judith Cassis is a clinical hypnotherapist and success coach, and available for keynote speaking and workshops. For bookings, please contact Lee Cadena Management, 310-800-8337.

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